The State of Oregon is currently in an excellent position to become the first state in the country to pass a GMO Right-to-Know Labeling initiative by popular referendum WITHOUT a trigger clause.  We have a Democratic Governor, John Kitzhaber, and a strongly liberal Senator, Jeff Merkley, both up for reelection in November.  We will also have a recreational marijuana initiative on the ballot. This means both general and liberal turnout will be high.  Cultivation bans are also on the May ballot in two Southern counties and both Merkley and our local Congressman, Peter Defazio, have previously pushed for a Federal GMO-labeling law.  That means public awareness is current and high.  People are talking about this issue a lot and they are increasingly motivated to protect their consumer rights against corporate bullies like Monsanto and Syngenta.  Furthermore, we have a number of large corporate donors from around the country who want to see the dam break against Big Biotech's stranglehold this November.  These donors are helping us poll our messages carefully in the hopes that we can avoid some of the mistakes that narrowly cost California and Washington victories last year.  All of this bodes very well for making this a landmark campaign.  

Historically, Oregon is a free-thinking state known for setting progressive trends.  We were the first state to attempt a GMO-labeling initiative back in 2003 and we intend to become the first to pass it (without a trigger) this November.... BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.  And no, I'm not talking about money.  I'm talking about EXPERIENCE... SAVVY... SKILL... BRILLIANCE... BOUNDLESS MOTIVATION... and COMMITMENT.  We need LEADERSHIP to bring home this win.  That's right, several key geographical regions are currently seeking applicants for PAID ORGANIZER POSITIONS within the campaign.  Now I just know there are folks in the DKos community with the chops to be downright perfect for this.  The more experience you have the more you'll get paid, so please don't hesitate to apply.  A strong majority in well-educated Portland and Eugene is all it will take for us to win the entire state, and Eugene (my area) is one of the places still recruiting.  I encourage anyone and everyone who might be interested to go follow this link for a complete job description and application instructions:   http://gmoinfo.blogspot.com/...

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