OK so it was a loss! Maybe a big loss or was it? My question is what can we learn and apply to other elections.

By all accounts Alex Sink should have won the election She was funded (every day I got an email from the DNC asking for money?
Let me ask a series of questions that need to be addressed:

1:  Was she the best candidate? A banker, someone who made (what was perceived to be)
     Anti Immigrant statements in the debate (insensitive at best) The GOP can say that and
      get away with it but; Latinos and/or Immigrants are a growing portion of the
       Demographic Base and did she give a portion of this district to "stay home"

2:  Was this really a "swing district" It is my understanding that GOP outnumbers
      Democrats in registration and, the GOP was carrying it for the last 12 years. That's
       not a swing district and a win of 1.8% is a squeaker not a victory

3:  My understanding is Democratic turnout was not great 39% as opposed to 50%
     GOP turnout and only a 1.5% win. There is something else going on

My take : We own the ACA and we cannot run away from it. As long as it remains unpopular, its an albatross over our heads and it will drag us down in districts like this

The GOP can put any false message they want, maybe total outright lies but if it strikes and emotional chord with the voters its over.
We need to find spokesman - with real stories about how their lives were made better by the ACA: people's whose stories are real and viable and, people relate to. Graphs, and charts and fancy analysis is great to MPH graduate work but it will not win elections

There is some good news : The elections was close real close! Support for the ACA and the President is inching up but passivity is not enough We need to be proactive.  People: WE OWN THE ACA WE CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM IT - Chris Hayes-

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