My partner has a new portable internet viewing device, and I can't tear her away from it, so I'm minding my own business. She had begun laughing to the point of tears.  Then she brings it over and demands that I view some damn cartoon. Okay... I watched the thing, thinking "what now?" and within a few seconds I'm literally in danger of spewing my coffee all over her nice new device.

This video sums up, more or less, my current political experience. Tell us what you think in the poll at the end of the diary. Notice Daily Kos is mentioned in the cartoon. Watch for it. Apparently the same company which produces Saturday Night Live created this YouTube channel, called Above Average. It's comedy, folks.

It's on HuffPost, and various sites all over the net.

Talking politics with smart people can be tough.

Fortunately, Above Average released a fool-proof guide to talking politics with your smartest friends -- liberal and conservative -- on Wednesday.

"Politics is the smart person word for yelling about the government," the video explains.

"Smart people are confused, too," it says. "Their knowledge of how the government theoretically works gives them the delusion that they can change how the government actually works. Unfortunately for them, knowledge is not power. Money is. And only rich people can actually change things."



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