ARRRR!  What's this Jim Sherow doing with a campaign kickoff?  In 2010, I was elected to this district with over 70% of the votes!  I also got elected in 2012 with 100% of the votes!  ARRR!
Unlike last diary on Rep. Tim Huelskamp Democratic challenger Jim Sherow's candidacy and his event with the Riley County Democrats, this diary is not being done on short notice.

For any of you living in Kansas' 1st Congressional District or nearby and would like Huelskamp to throw in the towel (even with KS-01 being the largest district in Kansas and a deep red one at the same time), on March 15th, Sherow (former Mayor of Manhattan, KS) and his campaign will be holding a campaign kickoff in Hutchinson, KS.

Details on the event and signing up are as follows:


The former Mayor of Manhattan and Kansas State Historian will be campaigning against Tim Huelskamp for Kansas' First Congressional District. Support Jim Sherow and the Reno County Democrats for this historic event!

Text #RSVP to (785)-318-4805

March 15, 2014 at 1pm - 2pm


Historic Fox Theater
18 E 1st Ave
Hutchinson, KS 67501
United States

Google map and directions

Aaron Estabrook · aaron@supportsherow.com · 7853417591

Here's some insight from Down with Tyranny on Jim Sherow's candidacy:


Enter Jim Sherow, a courageous, idealistic fourth generation veteran and former mayor of Manhattan, who has just opened an exploratory committee to challenge Huelskamp this year. His great-grandparents homesteaded in the what is now the first district and he was born and raised there. He's been teaching at Kansas State since 1992, where he is the Kansas historian and he's written five books on issues related to water, agriculture, Kansas and High Plains topics. He first entered local politics in a successful fight to prevent a super-Walmart from being built in an inappropriate part of town and was elected to the city commission in April 2007, serving until last April.
Additional information on Sherow via Kansas First News:


While Huelskamp was getting kicked off the Budget Committee, Sherow was working as a City Commissioner and Mayor in Manhattan, achieving real results  – Manhattan enjoyed steady economic prosperity and some of the lowest unemployment in the nation.

“During my time on the City Commission, I worked diligently with members of the business community to help create prosperity and growth,” Sherow said.  “I will bring that same approach to Washington. Tim Huelskamp’s abrasiveness cost him a seat at the negotiating table to help frame the policies that keep Kansas open for business.”

Sherow promises to restore respect, responsibility, and representation to the office rather than Huelskamp’s self-serving, never-ending quest for attention.

“Our government isn’t just divided, it’s paralyzed; and it’s going to take hard work, perseverance, and a pragmatic approach to get it back on its feet and working for the people.” Sherow said.  ”It’s about results.”

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