I have been reading lots of posts about how we are going to lose this year, and how it is going to be a bloodbath. Well, sure, if we do what they are doing all over the country and put out a centrist, non-populist message. For the life of me, I don't understand the messaging, even by people in my own district, NY 21. The powers that be in this district seem to think we need a moderate candidate and I do agree we cannot have a gun-hating, immigrant-embracing candidate. Sad. But true. At least in this district, which is rural and lily white. And deeply afraid of immigrants "stealing" their job. It kills me, but that is the fact in a lot of our country.

But people here in this district and many others are hurting. Big time. And they need some kind of help, especially for their kids. So here are some messages I think would resonate with people throughout the country, people who are afraid for their futures and the future of their children.


1. You will reduce or remove Social Security over my dead body. People always say government doesn't work. Well, every single month, the elderly and the disabled get a check, without fail. This check has been the single largest determining factor is getting the elderly out of poverty. Government programs work.

2. You will reduce or remove Medicare over my dead body. In the world, the United States is 39th in health care outcomes. Health care here is excellent - if you can get it. Many can't. Once people hit 65 years old and go on Medicare, our health care outcomes even out with the rest of the civilized world. This is remarkable. Medicare works. Government programs work.

3. Our kids are paying 8% and up for their student loans, while corporations are paying .75%. Yes, .75. (Thanks, Elizabeth Warren, for that stat.) We need our young people to have access to more government loans at the same rate as corporations, as opposed to these Parent Plus loans that cripple them for life. Many of my ex-students have 80 or 100K in loans, $800 a month. How can our kids start life with this kind of debt??

4. Income inequality is worse than it has ever been. The rich are running away with the bank while we squabble for crumbs. We are divided on social issues, while our bank accounts are getting lower and lower, our home values decrease, and our kids's futures look bleaker and bleaker.

5. We need jobs for our kids, and govt programs to train them and create jobs. Any corporation that outsources American jobs - no break on taxes. Period. None. You take away our jobs, we will no longer reward you for this. We'll use these extra taxes to create jobs and job training programs.

Talk about the lack of opportunities and jobs for kids, and how to address that. Moms will agree, it is very hard out there for our young people, and we are very worried about our children's futures. Like, sick with worry.

These are just a few ideas that will resonate with John and especially Jane Q. Public. We have to start addressing what the Republicans and some corporate Democrats have done to our economy. I would talk about how the banks all got bailed out, and how the individual homeowners were left hanging. Who did that?? Congress. So maybe those running again shouldn't mention that, hey? But new people should. And should talk about how we need to start caring about the 99% of people who are not being taken care of, while the rich whistle off with the bank.

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