U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a Global Town Townterview at the Newseum in Washington January 29, 2013. The Townterview, a mix of a town hall and television interview, is Clinton's 59th such meeting which comes just before her last day as S
Public Policy Polling reports that Hillary Clinton remains the Democrat to beat in 2016:
She leads Mike Huckabee 49/42 in a hypothetical contest. By contrast Joe Biden would trail Huckabee 46/41 in a hypothetical match, and Elizabeth Warren would trail 44/33. This is one of the most massive electability gaps we've ever seen.

Clinton also leads the rest of the Republican field in potential contests, although some of the match ups are pretty close. Jeb Bush is the strongest GOP hopeful, trailing by only 3 points at 47/44 and Chris Christie isn't far behind with a 4 point deficit at 46/42. Clinton leads Rand Paul and Paul Ryan each by 5 points at 47/42 and 48/43 respectively, Marco Rubio by 8 points at 48/40, and Ted Cruz by 11 points at 51/40.

That said, how much stock should be put into this? Not much. When the actual campaign hasn't even started (and, please Jeebus, will not be starting for a while yet) these things tend to mainly reflect name recognition, not policy preferences.

But it's still encouraging news for a potential Clinton run, and not at all good news for the Republican heavyweights who have been trying very, very hard to damage her.

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