Do not let the accomplishments of the past be challenged and end?  ( paraphrased)

This man spoke as clearly about the Healthcare need  and unemployment and social security as surely as if he hit the rallies today.

He said, " Petition your government".   We all need to listen to this great president closely and remember, it is up to us.   We just need to be part of the solution.  We need to vote.  The Koch types have always wanted to keep America down.  Do not let them.
Don't give up.

I am old enough to be priviliged to say, I remember this great President.  I was young but I remember.

We need a living wage.  We need to protect social security.  We need to tax millionaires and see what JFK said about healtcare and the whining about it from the opposition.
See what he said about all of the things that are plagueing us today.  

For some reason it would not embed but hit the link and be amazed ....


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