Coal-fired hot water boiler, furnace water-cooled elbow structure, surrounded furnace, heating area, high thermal efficiency, energy saving; shell with oval head, round grate grate made of cast iron, durable, life long.
Horizontal fired hot water boiler is a horizontal mixing multiple return fire tube boilers,  tube boiler is a single longitudinal type fire tube shell type boilers. Grate combustion equipment for the activity . Outside the front and rear sides of the furnace wall and water wall made of brick masonry using . The left and right sides of the furnace water wall radiation heating surface , the two wings of the flue and smoke tube is threaded drum convection heating surface . The boiler uses arched tube plate , threaded pipe and other technology to solve the pot shell boiler tube sheet cracks , the lower drum drum kits, low thermal efficiency, adaptability and poor coal quality . Boiler furnace arch , exports smokestack part has some effect of dust , soot emissions from the boiler to ensure that the environmental requirements to achieve national targets .
A horizontal hot water boiler combustion process :
High-temperature gas flows into the rear of the furnace smoke box , and then a bunch of smoke into the first tube , followed by the think tank before flowing into the smoke before , after the first turn 180 degrees inside the smoke turn into the second beam pipe, then there back before flowing into the tail heating surface , and finally discharged from the chimney through the induced draft fan .
Two , ZG horizontal hot water boiler technology features:
( 1 ) , wide coal adaptability , excellent fire conditions , adequate combustion time .
( 2 ) , and the smoke chamber furnace space is large, easy to tube sheet inspection and repair.
( 3 ) , the character of the furnace wall , there is a certain part of the export smokestacks dust effect.
( 4 ) , stable operation , easy adjustment, contribute enough . With 110% overload capacity.
( 5 ) , compact structure, compared with the same type of boiler , outside of a small size , saving boiler room investment in infrastructure .
( 6 ) , the use of threaded pipe heat transfer enhancement , improved heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency , because there are disturbances in the flue pipe .
( 7 ) , the use of threaded pipe efficient heat transfer , heat transfer enhancement effect is obtained , to the boiler temperature and pressure and fast to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
( 8 ) , uses arched tube plate and threaded pipe consisting of drum, so that the steel drum by the quasi- elastic structural body becomes subject to the abolition of the bracing piece tube sheet area , reducing the stress .Coal fired hot water boiler

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