A couple weeks ago, the Governor of the great state of New Jersey (where I work [and pay taxes] but don't live) visited CPAC, and gave his stock speech about the totally awesome wondrousness of the free market, and how government, at all levels, must stop "picking winners and losers".  He then went home, and delivered to everybody who freely chose to be in the business of selling and marketing Tesla automobiles in the state that HE personally governs, a resounding "YOU LOSE!"

So, imho, the only real question with regard to combining that governor's name with the word "hypocrite" is how it should be spelled.  The English language, you see, has homonyms, which sound alike but mean different things ... but in this specific case, BOTH meanings are accurate.  So - Hypo-Christie, or Hippo-Christie?  Can the Kossacks help a guy out here?


What spelling should be used to describe the hypocrisy of the current Governor of New Jersey?

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