So, here is a brief update on my breast cancer. I did have surgery 2 weeks ago-in the midst of a bad snowstorm that shut down the Federal government and pretty much everything else. Fortunately, doctors don't take snow days.

Everything went according to plan-and I now post-drains (YAY!!!!!) and more below the fold...

Before the surgery, we knew that Lucy (tumor on the left) was estrogen positive, progesterone negative. After MRI, tumor was actually 2 masses, very close together, so they pretty much said that total mastectomy was the way to go. They also found a mass on the right-could've done a lumpectomy on that one, but why keep any breast tissue at this point? So, March 3, bilateral total mastectomy.

Recovery has gone very well. Drains were finally removed yesterday (thank god!!!!). After surgery a few more tidbits to add to data repository:

right sided tumor (no name for that one yet-Bitsy, if it started with an R-ideas?) was both estrogen and progesterone positive. A second primary, with 2 hormone receptors, again relatively good news.

Lymph involvement on the left, none on the right. They staged to a IIIb.

This week, I am seeing the medical oncologist to determine course of action for chemo. I will have CT and PET scan (bone) to determine whether any mets are detectable anywhere else in my body. I see her on Friday at 4:30, so I should have an update this weekend.

Two things: I saw Peregrine Kate's diary just this morning and wished I could comment- I also have moderate to several arthritis in both thumbs-just one of those things that happens when you get old (it may also be genetic, in part). I was using Voltaren (a prescription NSAID) to relieve the pain. Docs tell me that you can actually do a joint transplant in thumbs if you want to. Mine would have to get a whole lot worse before I considered that.

Also, has anyone experienced/noticed a change in body odor with cancer? I noticed my underarms smelling worse months ago-before my diagnosis. I do know that some dogs supposedly notice, but has anyone else noticed it themselves? I am not sure I can even describe the smell-sort of like the smell you get when you eat a lot of curry, but I don't? Has there been a diary or thread about this?

Anyway, thanks to all for kind words of support. And I am here to provide the same to others who are newer to this "adventure" than I.

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