It"s  a cloudy day in Seattle. The day was starting to be just a normal day. In the downtown area of Seattle,sits many of our news stations. This morning a news helicopter
fell from the sky and at least two people were killed.
When you watch the local news,you begin to feel you know the reporters. Many of the
same news reporters  have been here for years. The same can be said about the news
helicopter pilots. I can guess who was flying,but I would never say it.

I am sure something was wrong with the helicopter. The pilots in Seattle werepros.It will take months to find out what caused this crash.

This tragedy is another reminder how precious life is. Two people left home this morning,
not knowing they had only a few hours left on this earth. I pray for them and their
families. The families will suddenly need to find strength to deal with their loss.I can only say to them how sorry I am. May they be surrounded with people who love them,and people to hold them.You never "get over" something like this,you try to find acceptance
that this happened,and learn to live with it. That is had to do.

This tragedy should be a reminder to us,how precious life is. You have no promise
of somethingnot happening to you or your loved ones. Look at the sky,the first hints of Spring. Put whatever issue that might have you down in perspective,you may be living
your last day, live it fully.Take care of your self,learn to smile and laugh more.

 Hug your loved ones a little tighter. Look at the person you are talking
to right in their eyes. It shows them you care about what they are saying.

I still remember talking with someone in Vietnam,he was shot before he could finish
his sentence. His death still  sadden"s me.

May all the people who knew these people, remember what made them special is still
with them. I always have hoped a story told to me is true. The person you have just
lost is in a "field of glory." I want to believe they are walking through this beautiful field
of beautiful flowers and seeing people they have lost.

I extend my sorrow to the families,I did"nt know them,but they are part of us. Now
they"re gone.

Breathe the clean air deeply,enjoy even the most minor of things,your alive.

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