Kentucky politics

In elections for President, Kentucky has been very Republican. Romney beat Obama 60-38 and McCain beat Obama 57-41.

Statewide, in 2008, the Republican advantage is smaller but still substantial: In 2008, McConnell beat Lunsford 53-47 and in 2010, Kentucky's other senator (Rand Paul) beat Jack Conway 56-44. Kentucky's governor (Steven Beshear) is a Democrat but 5 of Kentucky's 6 representatives in the House are Republican.

The Senate race

On the Democratic side, Grimes is running unopposed. She is currently the secretary of state of Kentucky. On the Issues rates her a centrist, although, since she has not been a member of Congress, there are relatively few votes of hers to go on. She is pro-choice, a proponent of women's rights, pro-business and pro-coal. She wants there to be easier access to the polls and wants to modify ObamaCare.

The Republican primary
The Republican primary includes five declared candidates but only two are given any chance. The clear favorite is the incumbent, McConnell, but his challenger (Matt Bevin) is challenging him from the right, which may hurt McConnell in November.

On the Issues rates McConnell a "hard core conservative". He has taken the conservative view on virtually every issue. Progressive Punch rates him among the least progressive members of the Senate.

The polls:
Recent polls show a very tight race in November. The most recent PPP poll showed McConnell with a 1 point lead and 11% undecided.


According to the FEC, at the end of 2013, Grimes had raised $4.6 million and had $3.3 million cash on hand. McConnell had raised $8.5 million and nearly $11 million cash on hand.

My take

This is certainly a race to watch! Kentucky is a Republican state, but McConnell is unpopular and Grimes is a fresh face. This is a chance for a Democratic pickup

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