U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laughs before delivering remarks on American leadership at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington January 31, 2013. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas
If you've ever wondered how much concern can be crammed into a story, look no further than today's Wall Street Journal, where—based largely on "people familiar with her views" and "others close to Mrs. Clinton"—they worry that Hillary may not be up for a presidential run because she's just too damn old. They:
... worry that another campaign would test her stamina as she moves into her late 60s.

And are:

... attuned to the personal toll of presidential campaigns.
They remind us that:
... a campaign would be grueling.
And it would:
... mean giving up "two and a half years of your life when you're moving on up into your 60s."
Because as you may not know:
Mrs. Clinton will be 69 years old on Election Day.
... "there's a fatigue and a physical demand that she has to consider. She's much older than she was 20 years ago"
And let's not forget the possibility of:
... lingering concerns from her 2012 health scare.
Because again, it would be:
... a grueling campaign.
And besides:
... the Republican field is likely to include fresh faces.
Hey, we can't be talking about Benghazi all the time!

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