Doctor sitting by the table and consulting a patient in her office.
If that's a discussion about birth control, Hobby Lobby says pay for it yourself.
The Supreme Court is supposedly immune to public opinion polling, but just in case any of the justices are paying attention ahead of their consideration next week of the Hobby Lobby contraception case, there's this: the majority of people think that employers should not be able to opt out of providing insurance coverage for family planning. That's according to the most recent NBC/WSJ poll.
Fifty-three percent say employers should not be exempt from the requirement that their health plans offer birth control and other contraceptives even if they have religious objections, while 41 percent say they should be exempt.
Perhaps not surprisingly, seniors who are either no longer working or needing contraception think it would be just fine for an employer to dictate that, 49 percent-to-40 percent. The 18-34 group, however, rejects the idea 62 -33.

That's one of the issues raised in the Hobby Lobby case against the Obamacare provision that requires coverage of contraception. It's the part of the case that's gotten the most attention, but the other part of the Hobby Lobby challenge is just as radical. It's essentially a physician gag rule: the company is also asserting it shouldn't have to pay for insurance covering doctors appointments in which family planning is even discussed. That's basically asserting that your employer dictates what you discuss with your doctor.

These right-wing fanatics don't just want your employer in your medicine cabinet, they want your employer in the doctor's exam room with you.

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