I have started a petition at moveon.org that is party neutral, that puts America first. The format on the petition site did not allow for all of the language needed, as the petition is simply something (idea) to present to Congress. If and when that happens, the specific language would be added in the legislation. I am seek the help of any and all who support the premise of my petition, and I would hope that those who agree would forward it to their respective social circle.

The concept of my petition is to ask Congress to cut military spending, and then re-invest that money in infrastructure repair and modernization projects right here in America. This would create tens of thousand's of jobs, stimulating our economy, while correcting a long neglected economic security issue here at home. Modernizing our infrastructure will ensure our economic viability for decades to come, as well as addressing a national security risk. Simple research the state of our national infrastructure, it is in dangerous shape. The American Society of Civil Engineers has graded its condition as a "D" and warned of devastating economic consequences if left uncorrected. I am hopeful that several or many of you will help me get this out, and I appreciate any help you can provide.

Subject: Cut military spending and re-invest in America's Infrastructure


Our elected officials have neglected our infrastructure far to long. Continuing to do nothing will lead to a catastrophic economic failure in the near future. We spend more on our military than the next five biggest military nations combined. We can maintain our military superiority and still cut spending, all we need is leaders to recognize that this "corporate welfare" needs to end.

That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

"America's infrastructure is vital to our economic growth and future. The current state of our infrastructure has been graded a "D" by engineering groups around the country.  Cut military spending and re-invest in our aging infrastructure, creating tens of thousands of jobs and preserving our future. "

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