Its everyone's favorite time in the political season -- that special time when pundits predict the imminent doom of the Democratic majority in the Senate. Yes, that special time when, night after night when MSNBC pundits douse their heads in gasoline and threaten to light a match. That special time when Republicans walk around with a bounce in their step and a gleam in their eye. Its that time that inspires a stronger drink than the usual friday night beer or two.

But during this inevitable period in the political season, I think it is worth not losing our collective shit over the negative media coverage. We have done a fairly good job of remaining calm even though the newscycle has, admittedly, turned against the Democrats. In that vein, here are some helpful hints to keep your cool during the silly political season.


Democrats and democratic leaning pundits often have a confidence problem. This, of course, is not their fault. For some reason, we are so used to being pummeled into the ground during the mid-terms that once any evidence whatsoever presents itself that the Dems aren't absolutely going to whip the Republicans in the election, everyone assumes the worst. Meaning "OH MY GOD THE SKY IS FALLING THE DEMS ARE GOING TO LOSE EVERYTHING" type reactions once the first few polls go a little negative.


The midterms are 7 and a half months away. Not saying that we shouldn't be concerned about these predictions, but in politics, 7 months is a lifetime. And with this current crop of stooges and illiterates in the Republican party, its even longer. Count on some super crazy stuff being said from the other side, and count on that stopping at least a few of the wacky ones from ever getting anywhere near Washington DC. Small solace, considering we are supposed to be facing a "Republican Tsunamiā„¢" election in Washington


The media -- Owned lock, stock and barrel by giant corporations, are interested in a close election, and they are especially interested in the Democrats losing their majority in the Senate. They will do anything for ratings, and they know if this one is close for the Dems, its bad news for Obama, and bad news for Obama means good news for ratings. Especially over at Fox. Fox is obviously interested in bad news for dems, and as we know CNN is trying its hardest to compete with CNN. MSNBC, we've already went over, but it bears repeating -- there is a crisis of confidence in the Democratic party. Once a little bad news starts trickling out, they assume the worst, repeat their assumptions over and over and over again, and those assumptions become reality. Don't let them.


Whatever happens, we have a Democratic president. Again, it will be a terrible two years, but the progress that has been made will not be reversed. The President is not going to see his legacy torn down by the republican party. They can throw whatever they want at him, and I am sure he will stick up for himself. I guarantee we will see whatever conciliatory attitude the President had toward the Republicans go out the window once they go after the policies he sees as his legacy. And he will not go easy on them. That gives me at least some measure of comfort.


Even if the worst does happen, its a chance for the United States of America to get acquainted once again with the policies of the Republican party. Oh yes, I am quite sure the American people are oh-so-ready for another round of republican "the rich eat and the poor starve" policies post-downturn. I am totally confident that the strategy will work extremely well for the republican party. Lets see them take away newly found affordable health insurance for 5 million americans and counting. Lets see them take away the newly found freedom to marry whoever you choose. Let them come, let them bear their ideas for the people of the United States in the light. If I know republicans, they will overreach right in time for the 2016 elections.

As always, its nice to know now that we have a chance of blowing this thing, because that means time to prepare. I would be worried if this was September 2014, but its not. We have plenty of time to get our ducks in a row, get a strategy, keep cool, and pull this thing out. Its quite one thing to say it though, its quite another to do it. Dems gotta want it.

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