You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Sunday March 20, 1904
Denver, Colorado - Attorney John Murphy Attempts Conference with Governor Peabody

Before reporting on events concerning the Western Federation of Miners, we wish to report that we have received word from the Southern Coalfield where the United Mine Workers are conducting a strike. A striking Italian miner was shot in the back and killed on March 14th in Pryor, just south of Walsenberg. He was attempting to run away after being driven from his home. We have no further details on the death of our union brother at this time.

We now continue with the reporting of Mrs. Emma F. Langdon on the deportations of the striking miners from Telluride:

[Telluride Local leaders] Floaten, Matti and Forbes came to Denver as representatives of the union; for three days they attempted to get an interview with the governor, without success. They appealed to Attorney John H. Murphy, who used the telephone with the same result; he then wrote the governor as follows:
James H. Peabody, Governor of the State of Colorado:

Dear Sir—Yesterday I endeavored to get into communication with you over the telephone, but failed to reach you. The object of my 'phoning was to ascertain whether or not you would give audience to three of the men who were driven out of Telluride by a mob on the night of March 14, and who, with a large number of other citizens driven out at the same time, are still prevented from returning to their homes on account of the threats of the same mob, that if they do return their lives will be taken.

As I understand from the three individuals, they simply desire the audience with you for the purpose of laying before you the facts relating to the outrages perpetrated upon them. Yours most respectfully,

                                                                           JOHN H. MURPHY


Stewart Forbes is the secretary of the union, a graduate of Queens College, affiliated with Cambridge University. When he was deported form Telluride, he was forced to leave his wife and three children behind.

There has been no reply from Governor Peabody.

The Cripple Creek Strike
-by Emma F Langdon
(Part I, 1st pub 1904)
NY, 1969

Location of Pryor: search with "Pryor Mine, CO"
(There also excellent maps in Buried Unsung by Papanikolas.)

See also: Hellraisers+Telluride+Deportations


Friday March 20, 1914
Oak Creek, Colorado - Two Striking Greek Miners Killed in Confrontation

We have received word that two striking Greek miners, Jack Gill and Johann Demosa, were killed in a confrontation at Oak Creek (north and west of Denver) in Routt County, last Monday, March 16th. We have no other information at this time.

Detachment of Coxey's Army of 1894
Taking a meal break in Colorado
Newspapers across the nation are reporting this news regarding Coxey's Army. From  The Indiana Gazette:
"Mother" is Commissioned as Officer in Coxey's Army.

Massillon, O., March 20.-"Mother" Jones, leader of the miners, recently released from the military prison in the Colorado strike zone, where she was sent as a disturber of the peace, has been commissioned by "General" J. S. Coxey. The commission carries the title of "colonel" and the aged woman is expected to march with Coxey's army from Massillon to Washington when the "general" goes to the capital to make his demands.

Coxey sent the following telegram to Mother Jones: "Wife and I congratulate you on your release. I have commissioned you colonel. Enlist a regiment and join us at Washington May 21. Leave here April 16 on march to Washington."

Blood Passion
The Ludlow Massacre and Class War
 in the American West

-by Scott Martelle
Rutgers U Press, 2008

Location of Oak Creek, CO

The Indiana Gazette
(Indiana, Pennsylvania)
-of Mar 20, 1914

Photo: Coxey's Army, 1894, Colorado

Coal Miner's Grave - Idaho Silver Hammer Band

So the briars and brambles, ramble all over his grave
Like the thorns in his life, for living, he had to pay
Now there's no one to miss him or care that he's gone a-way
He was only a miner, and it's only a coal miner's grave.

                           -Hazel Dickens

Written for Francis Estep, used here to honor the striking miners of the United Mine Workers of America martyred in the Colorado Coalfield Strikes 1903-1914.


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