On Tuesday, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee who helped propel Elizabeth Warren into the Senate, endorsed Sen Brian Schatz (D-HI).  The PCCC has 4,285 local Hawaii members and nearly 1 million members nationwide. They're calling Sen Brian Schatz a "Social Security hero" for his bold leadership in the push to expand Social Security benefits.

Good way to push back against those, like the New Democrat Coalition which have been advocating for the Simpson-Bowles plan to use chained CPI to reduce Social Security payments and to raise the age of retirement.

Sadly Sen Schatz's opponent is a New Dem and has not ruled out raising the retirement age.

As any construction worker or house cleaner will tell you, it is already very difficult to do demanding physical work at 62 (the old retirement age) or 65 (the current retirement age).  Imagine pushing that close to 70!

According to PCCC, their staff, including PCCC co-founders Stephanie Taylor and Adam Green,  are on the ground in Hawaii holding two campaign trainings for progressives.  PCCC says,

"Brian Schatz [is] in a race that we see as hugely strategic for national progressives -- pitting the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party against the corporate wing. "
PCCC sees Social Security as a centerpiece of this campaign.
  • Brian Schatz was one of the first U.S. Senators to support legislation to expand Social Security benefits. In August, Sen. Schatz held a press conference with PCCC members to show support for expanding Social Security benefits by increasing cost-of-living adjustments so that seniors get $452 more in Social Security at age 75 and $807 more at age 85.
  • Rep. Colleen Hanabusa refuses to rule out cutting Social Security benefits. She did not join 50 of her colleagues on the Grayson-Takano letter, which promises "we will vote against any and every cut to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits". She voted in support of the Simpson-Bowles plan that would cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. Rep. Hanabusa also refuses to support legislation introduced in the House to expand Social Security benefits. (also here)
  • PCCC's Hawaii poll showed that expanding Social Security benefits is popular by 3 to 1 in Hawaii and Hawaii voters oppose cutting Social Security benefits by 4 to 1. PCCC polling is available at 2014Polling.com.
After PCCC's endorsement of Sen Schatz was made public, his opponent sent email trashing "progressives" and making it appear that the Hawaii PCCC members who endorsed Sen Schatz were "outsiders".  Here's her fairly hilarious email:
Yet another Mainland special interest group is coming to Hawaii to attack Colleen.

Adam Green's Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is spreading misinformation on behalf of our opponent. They sent an email to Hawaii describing their attack plan while separately requesting housing for their operatives.

Since the moment Neil Abercrombie promoted his deputy, Brian Schatz, Washington, D.C. insiders have been lining up behind him to tell Hawaii families who to vote for.
Please contribute $20.14 to help us fight back against Mainland special interests trying to appoint our leaders and change our Hawaii.


The PCCC has been working for Brian for a while. In August they came to Honolulu and organized a press conference for him in coordination with their Mainland candidates on the lawn of the federal building.

Now they are preparing to send their operatives into our communities to push their message and shape Hawaii's future.

Please contribute $20.14 today to help us fight back against Mainland special interest groups trying to tell Hawaii residents what is best for our communities and families.

Considering Hanabusa's Deputy Chief of Staff had to resign for illegally coordinating with the Drug Manufacturer's PAC, PhARMA, the accusation of "mainland groups" rings hollow.

Brian Schatz has twice the Hawaii donations as Hanabusa who is relying on her backers at Big Pharma, Big Oil and Wall Street for support.

But, hey, if you think that sending a couple of people to train Hawai'i PCCC members to be more effective advocates for the progressive Sen Brian Schatz is woo-woo scary...

On the other hand, if you think it is going to take an all-out the grass-roots effort for Sen Schatz to beat a corporate-backed opponent, then please help us by donating to his campaign.  Hey, we'll even be happy if you are [cue spooky music] from the mainland.


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