So, this just happened...

TO THE POINT: An Unexpected Surge for Obamacare: Is It Real?
THU MAR 20, 2014
Host: Warren Olney
Produced by: Evan George, Kareem Maddox, Caitlin Shamberg

The roll-out of Healthcare.gov was a public relations disaster, and the political consequences may last until 2016. But, with the Obamacare signup deadline just 11 days away, there are unexpected signs of momentum. Of course, it's not over yet. We get a progress report. Also, President Obama ramps up sanctions against Russia while the EU waits, and nonstop news coverage without any news.

The podcast itself should be available for download by around 4:00pm Eastern.

I think I only spoke for perhaps 3-4 minutes total (I haven't actually listened to it myself yet), and I didn't get a chance to get into most of the key issues (paid/unpaid, off-exchange QHPs, Medicaid, etc.), but it was still pretty cool and he mentioned the name of the site several times, so that's nice.

I made one flub: When he brought up the "Nate Silver of Obamacare" thing, I may have protested a bit too strongly lol...

Anyway, the important thing is that I made it clear that barring anymore major technical snafus, 6M should be easily doable and a higher number is quite likely at this point.

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