Scott Olsen, an Iraqi War Veteran shot in the head by a beanbag round by the Oakland Police on October 25th, 2011, during a protest against the eviction of Occupiers from Oscar Grant Plaza, this morning announced a settlement of his case for $4.5 million.

Further details will be announced at a press conference in Oscar Grant Plaza, outside of City Hall, at 10:00 AM today (Friday).  I intend to be there.

Scott was hospitalized, nearly died and suffered brain damage as a result of his wound. Scott was given a Daily Kos quilt by the community, presented to him by Navajo and myself, back in the Fall of 2012.

Countless articles across the world, and numerous diaries here, have covered Scott's story, including

Now We Know Officially: Scott Olsen Was Shot by OPD in an Overwhelming Military Style Response.

Do We Finally Know Who Tossed he Flash Bang Grenade At Scott Olsen and His Rescuers.

Scott Olsen will Stand Tall in Support of the West Coast Port Shutdown.

8:45 AM PT: An interview with Scott on Democracy Now announcing the settlement.

9:16 AM PT:

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