Meet Now or Never PAC. They're the geniuses who spent millions propping up certified nutter Joe Walsh last cycle, in a hopeless race he predictably lost by 10 points. Now they're back, and they're trying to help former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe defeat nonagenarian Rep. Ralph Hall in the Republican runoff for Texas' dark red 4th Congressional District. NONPAC (as they style themselves) is running a new ad that's all about how very old Hall is—and that he's a filthy earmarker, too.

Only one of the earmarks they rail against... well... let's just say it's rather unusual to find conservatives upset with funding for abstinence-only education:

Screenshot of ad from Now or Never PAC highlighting
You can see it right there at the bottom, in the blue box. I'm just going to conclude that NONPAC has found enlightenment: They've realized the cruel futility of trying to teach kids to just say no to sex, and they've taken a noble stand against the practice in a very conservative district. Please don't try to tell me that this is yet another sloppy ad from a right-wing super PAC, or that cats do not eventually turn into dogs. After all, if these guys could delude themselves into thinking Joe Walsh was a winner, why can't I choose to believe the sexytime has turned them into liberals? Yes, I'm going with that, and I'm sure John Ratcliffe agrees.

(Credit to K. Travis Ballie for the exceptional catch.)

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