So, the GOP is leading the Democrats in the 2014 Senate races which would put Senate control potentially into the hands of the Republicans according to Nate Silver and his FiveThirtyEight blog.  And the reason he gives for this is that Democrats don’t turn out in numbers to vote in non-Presidential election years.  This is truly sad.

So if Nate is correct, I think it's time that the donkeys get off theirs aptly named asses and start preaching the truth about Republicans in office:

1) Jobs are not their #1 priority - cutting services and programs to the poor and keeping the classes down is their real number one plan.

2) Women's rights and minority rights are nothing but votes for Democrats so anything to disenfranchise them has to be done.

3) Women's health care and anything relating to the right for them to govern their own body and choices is to be outlawed at any costs.

4) The Supreme Court is to be politicized and only staunch 1950's Republican thinking candidates should be on the bench; heck this applies to any court.

5) The rich are to be protected to ensure they continue to fund the livelihoods of elected Republicans.

6) The poor and the underprivileged are to be relegated to the military to fight wars as expendable capital.  And if they return home, they are to be treated only slightly better than those who live in the countries from which they were fighting.

7) And if the poor and underprivileged do not go into the military, then they are funneled into private jails on the most minor of charges in order to get them off the streets, out of sight, off the voting rolls and generating government money for the owners of these jails.

8) Government deficits and debts are to be run up as high as possible on programs that funnel government money to the richest of companies only (e.g. Haliburton; the only winner in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars).

9) The GOP lie.  They even lie about lying.  They make up facts and say them so many times that many people believe they are true.

You can look at any GOP controlled state and see that every one of these 9 points are correct. They should be considered truisms.

The Republican party is banking on Democrats running to the right to try to save their seats and that Democrat voters will tune out this election if not from pure embarrassment of watching their candidates buckle.

2014 should be the year that Democrats realize that if they continue to cower like they have done over Obamacare and equal rights they will prove Nate and his blog correct.  It's time to grow some cahunas like the NRA and stand up for what you believe in (remember the NRA won the fight against tougher gun laws with 93% of the public against them).  Democrats have to fire up their base and get them out to vote. Nate has to be proven wrong.

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