It's a Red Letter Day, it is. Given the current War on Women, when you have an organization of nuns stand up for reproductive choice, it's an encouraging sign of the times. Reverend Debra Haffner started a petition with the NCAN (National Coalition of American Nuns) in support of equal rights for women under the Affordable Care Act. The petition states:
As people of faith, we stand with the Sisters as they speak out for family planning services and real religious freedom. We join them in asking the Supreme Court to protect women's access to basic health care and contraception when they hear two cases this March.

Why is this important?

These nuns need you. A few weeks ago, Sister Donna Quinn of the National Coalition of American Nuns (NCAN) asked me to help spread the word that their coalition of more than 2000 Roman Catholic sisters has endorsed providing birth control through the Affordable Care Act. Because of their faith, they believe “that women should not be singled out by any organization or group through its refusal to insure a woman’s reproductive needs.”

The nuns are bravely speaking out just as those on the right want us to believe that birth control use is immoral. In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will be hearing two cases where company owners who don’t support contraception personally are denying their employees insurance coverage for birth control as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The lawyers for these corporations (one of which is Hobby Lobby) go so far as to call birth control use sinful and immoral. To make it worse, the owners are claiming that including contraceptives in health care violates their company’s religious freedom.

Sister Donna and the nuns at NCAN know differently, and they're bravely standing up to their hierarchy. But they need us to stand with them -- to say that as people of faith we support universal access to contraception.

We believe women should be able to make personal decisions about their families, their bodies, their sexuality, and their health – not their employers. And we want to make clear that the sin is not a person using birth control. The sin is denying women the right and the means to plan their families. Indeed, it is precisely because life is sacred that we support the intentional and moral use of contraception.

We know that religious freedom means that each person has the right to exercise their own religious beliefs; religious freedom cannot mean that an individual or a corporation gets to impose their religious beliefs on their employees.

Please join us and take a faith-filled stand with the nuns for women, birth control, and real religious freedom.

Please open this Link to sign the petition.
Now some might say, "Well, this does not mean these nuns are pro-abortion." That would be correct - and yet, I've never seen 'have an abortion' on anyone's bucket list to date. This is about choice. What women demand is the right to be the sole, legal, and binding decision-makers of their own bodies, lives, and future -- and for those rights to be upheld under all laws, including the Affordable Care Act. It's that simple.

So, yes - NCAN is a welcome and appreciated ally for women's rights. This is not their first rodeo. They are a very pro-active organization. Tell it Sisters!

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