I assume most of you say Nate Silvers 538 piece and its not good. Its alos not hopeless.

We are not going to hold the Senate by running away from the ACA and simply “debunking” Koch Brothers Adds. Its insanity to even think that. Using my Public Health Background and some research, I think I have a strategy that could work in South Dakota to Louisiana
The Public supports Expanded Medicaid by huge margins  (65% in South Dakota for example)  In fact, there is not state where it is not popular.  In many of these “Red States” there are many uninsured and an organization called  The National Association of  Free Clinics

The American Nurses Association supports the ACA Nurses are the most trusted professionals in the Country (more than Physhttp://nafcclinics.org/... icians) “Listen to the Nurses”

Suppose you are a Senator , up for reelection in one of these states where the political terrain is against you. Do your sit on your hands and “hope for the best” that public opinion with change? No get out and start fighting and change the theme of the campaign

Reach out to the  Free Clinic Association  and don’t do speeches and campaign stops Do Health Fairs.  Reach out to the unisnsured and the Nurses
Establish a center where services can be provided and make your case that the  Clinics are there until people can enroll and Free existing conditions will no longer be a problem!
Invite the Nurses to speak  and “Challenge your opponent: Why do you oppose Preexisting conditions, Why do you want college children to remain to no lingered be covered.? Be Proactive.
Do you want these people to die? What about Death Camps? If the “deficit” is brought up, remind folks the deficit is going down This is not about “Obamacare, its about the health of our citizens. Will it work? Maybe , Maybe not but you will improve your standing in the community . Nate Silvers predicts a slight GOP Win so  this only has to turn 2-3 states around. In the meantime, you provided a much needed service and were able to educate the public.

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