Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder
Michigan had marriage equality for about a day before a Friday district court ruling was temporarily stayed by an appeals court Saturday. In that time, hundreds of same-sex couples were legally married, but now Gov. Rick Snyder's administration says the state won't recognize those marriages while it appeals.
"It's unfortunate," said Nasir Khawaja of Southfield, who married his partner of 16 years Mark Sarver at the Oakland County Clerk's office Saturday.

"... This is something that's given to you by the state and now that's being taken away, but I think we have to keep our eyes on the grander story: They've been standing in front of a steam roller."

That's absolutely right, but it doesn't negate the injustice of a further wait. The good news is there's a chance the stay could end as soon as Wednesday; the court could also decide to continue it through a lengthy appeal process.

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