New web ad from Sen. Mark Udall hits Rep. Cory Gardner's dishonest flip-flop
So an extreme right-wing congressman—Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado—decides to run for U.S. Senate and after he discovers that supporting a contraception ban is a political death sentence, he suddenly tries to flip-flop on his past support for Colorado's failed "personhood" amendment that would have defined fertilized eggs as human persons.

On the face of it, it was hardly a credible move, made even more unbelievable by the fact that he continues to be a co-sponsor of Federal "personhood" legislation. And it turns out that for Gardner, this sort of spin is nothing new:

Before being elected to Congress four years ago, Rep. Cory Gardner backed off campaign promises to ban abortion, much like Gardner did Friday when he un-endorsed the Personhood amendment.

But, as documented by the Ft. Collins Coloradoan, Gardner subsequently broke his promises and pushed multiple anti-abortion bills, including legislation banning abortion outright.

In 2010, Gardner not only claimed that he had no plans to support any legislation relating to banning abortion or contraception, he also specifically denied being aware of having promised to do exactly that. Yet just a few months after winning election, Gardner did what he said he had no plans to do: Sponsoring legislation to ban abortion.

I'm sure Gardner has convinced himself of some sort of ends-justify-the-means excuse for lying, but even if he believes he's doing the right thing by not telling the truth, the fact remains that the only reason he claimed to oppose personhood is that he wants to win the election. It has no connection whatsoever to what he'd do if he manages to win.

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