So I put up a diary about Rush wanting to win some award for his children 's book "rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims" or some such shit. Was hoping to get a bunch of people to go the the web site http://ccbookawards.com/... under 3rd 4th graders and vote against his book but alas not much notice on DAILY KOS ...the original diary is below the fold.Would love to see this go down in flames

Ok so on the face of it i'm disgusted to think of young minds reading propaganda but besides that I would love to see him not win the award for obvious reasons so maybe a bunch of us can vote against him for anybody else.I heard him discuss this on his show today and he is so excited because he is way out front and thinks he is a shoe in. http://www.ccbookawards.com/    this is the website to vote on the book awards for 2014 .He is listed under 4th/5th graders  author of the year with his book Rush Revere and the brave pilgrims .enough said

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