Screenshot of MSNBC interview, Chris Hayes and Jennifer Stefano
The look on Hayes' face says it all.
Chris Hayes tried valiantly, Wednesday evening, to get Americans for Prosperity Pennsylvania State Director Jennifer Stefano to explain exactly why conservatives were so upset that people who have already started their Obamacare applications by March 31 will have two weeks to complete those applications, and just why more people getting health insurance was such a horrible thing. It didn't work.

She started out by asserting that this extra two weeks would take health care away from her children. Really. Hayes tried to get an explanation about how that exactly would happen, and Stefano insisted that the extra two weeks would "not allow people to go back and change this law," and that the law has "made seven million people lose their insurance." How that affects her own children remains a mystery. But she doesn't need actual facts. She just needed to yell loud enough and long enough to not allow Hayes to counter. Which she did.

"As a mother, I take real offense that women are being forced to have no choices to cover their children," Stefano continued.

"What are you talking about?" an incredulous Hayes responded, before arguing that much of the "heavy lifting" under the law would be accomplished by expansion of state Medicare [sic—Medicaid] programs, which have been frequently been opposed by conservatives. […]

"Do you believe in Medicaid expansion?" Hayes asked.

"I have a real problem, when you talk about raising the poverty level, that's people making $94,000 a year," she said. "They're not poor. That is taking resources from the poor."

"Not on the Medicaid expansion," Hayes said, shaking his head.

"The expansion of Medicaid is a moral issue, not an economic one" Stefano charged.

"That's a math trainwreck, that's not the Medicaid expansion," he said.

The "interview" ultimately ended with Stefano playing victim, charging Hayes with trying to shut her up, just like Harry Reid did with Julie Boonstra, never mind that Hayes was giving her a slot on his show to air her grievances. It wasn't just a math trainwreck, it was a reality trainwreck. Just what the Koch brothers ordered. You can watch the whole load of crazy here.

The good news, though, is that isn't how Hayes' day ended. Congratulations, Chris and Kate, on the new addition to your family.

There's more discussion of this insanity in GrafZeppelin127's diary.

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