Don’t blame Koch brothers

By Brent Budowsky

The latest brainchild of Washington insider Democrats, to waste millions of dollars running attack  ads against conservative mega-donors Charles and David Koch, might be the worst idea since the owner of the Titanic cut the budget for lifeboats.

Most voters do not know or care about the difference between the Koch brothers and Coca-Cola. In the hierarchy of actions to mobilize the Democratic base, which wants to see Democrats in Washington fighting for their beliefs, campaign ads against GOP donors don’t rank very high.

Democrats need to calm down, toughen up and think clearly….

President Obama, Vice President Biden, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Democratic leaders in Congress should invite the 100 wealthiest Democrats in America to a summit meeting and all-out council of war to answer the Koch challenge.

If wealthy Democrats will not fight as hard for their vision of America as Charles and David Koch fight for theirs, the ad Democrats should run should ask: Why the hell not?...

Don’t blame the Koch brothers. Beat them.

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