The second annual Sandy Hook Ride on Washington began on March 8. Beginning at Edmond Town Hall, the cyclists were sent off on a 400 mile journey to the West Lawn of the US Capitol to deliver a message to lawmakers. Below are snapshots of their journey.  

The ride has a dual purpose: to remember all victims of gun violence, including those who died at Sandy Hook, and to encourage Congress to pass what they call "common sense" measures. These are measures like a ban on military-style assault weapons, universal background checks, and restrictions on gun ownership for people with severe mental illness.
Team 26 Departure To DC Is March 8; Kick-Off Rally Moved To Edmond Town Hall
“Last year, our 400-mile journey quickly showed us that Americans in small towns and big towns, rural and urban, all have been impacted by gun violence and want change to occur,” said SHROW Team Leader Monte Frank.

“The tragedy at Sandy Hook spurred us to action but we ride for all victims of gun violence,” he said. “We ride to remember them, and to push for stronger gun violence prevention laws to reduce the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our nation, whether it is in a one-stoplight town or our nation’s most populous city.”

Rep. Elizabeth Esty uses her one minute allotted time on the floor of the US House of Representatives to talk about Team 26

Armand Daccache, MD
Newtown, Connecticut
Why I Ride
As a husband and father I cherish every morning that I wake up to the love of my wife, the kindness of my children and the happiness that my life offers me, realizing that twenty six lives were lost in a futile way. Just so that no more parents, siblings, friends, fiancés or partners are ever deprived of this joy, that’s why I ride.
Gun violence is epidemic and I strongly believe should be tackled as a public health issue the same way car safety was handled in the sixties and early seventies. At United Physicians of Newtown (UPON), a group of over 100 physicians living or practicing in the town, we realize that gun violence prevention laws alone won’t suffice to curtail the violence we are facing everyday but a multifaceted approach including not only meaningful gun legislation but also medical research on gun violence, the culture of violence in our media and mental health.
I am honored to ride with Team 26.

Bike ride from Newtown to D.C. targets gun violence

"These are very different communities, but we stand together as Americans united in our call for stronger gun-violence prevention laws," says Monte Frank, a Newtown lawyer who is one of the riders. "This ride is no longer about Newtown, but about how America is getting together and demanding that our children be allowed to grow up and pursue their dreams."

~Monte Frank

Team 26 arrives in Ridgefield after their send off in Newtown

As #Team26 crossed the 145th Street Bridge on Saturday we "bridged" Newtown and Virginia Tech (Team26 consists of riders from both communities) with Harlem. As we crossed the GWB Sunday morning, we extended that bridge into NJ
March 9, arriving in Harlem with high 5s and wheelies

Three communities united: We are Harlem. We are Virginia Tech. We are Newtown.

Crossing the GWB heading to Morristown

We made it to Baltimore. Tough day. 118 miles with a stiff headwind and many flats. But we persevered and made it. Just like we will with this movement for gun violence prevention. The support on the road was incredible. America is with us.

The message is delivered

Why We Ride?

We ride for this beautiful girl shot in the face when she was just 1- years old. One!

Enough is enough. We delivered the message but now it's up to you to keep the pressure on Congress to get it done! — with Stephen Badger.

ICYMI: Team 26 on NPR. And, Greg Meghani's photo of Monte Frank while being interviewed outside the Washington National Cathedral.

The T-shirt exhibit in the background was profoundly impacting. Each shirt represents a person killed by gun violence in D.C.

Why they ride

Sarah Clements, daughter of a Sandy Hook Elementary shooting survivor and Jr Newtown Action Alliance member Speaks on Gun Violence.

Sandy Hook Ride on Washington

Last year we followed Team 26 on their first ride to Washington DC. You can find the diaries in that series here.

Sandy Hook Ride on Washington ~ March 9 - 12
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Team 26 is a group of 26 elite cyclists who will ride from Newtown, CT to Washington, DC beginning on March 9 and arriving on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol on March 12.  Along the way, we will stop in Ridgefield, CT, Frenchtown, NJ and Baltimore, MD.  Our goal: to bring Newtown's message to Washington in support of common sense gun legislation.

Please join us as we follow Monte Frank, Peter Olson and the other members of Team 26 as they travel from Newtown, CT to Washington DC.  Embedded blogger Becky Frank (Monte’s daughter) will be providing info and photos from the daily events.

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