Last week I reported how Longview Texas would pay Ted Nugent $16K to cancel his appearance at their 4th of July concert.  
City of Longview, Texas pays Ted Nugent $16 K TO NOT PLAY at its 4th of July Concert

Well now Ted Nugent has responded to this humiliating rejection with a explanation of how such a thing could happen in East Texas. Nugent says he id the victim of anti-Black racism harbored by Longview's Mayor. Now doesn't that sound logical?  

Rejection slip from Longview gig has Nugent hot as a firecracker


Nugent called Longview Mayor Jay Dean “racist,” “clueless” and “dishonest” Saturday, after the city paid $16,000 to ditch the idea of Nugent headlining the city 4th of July Fireworks and Freedom Celebration.

“I hear from reliable sources that the mayor is a racist and was offended that my band performs mostly African-American-influenced music,” he wrote, reprising a familiar defense of rock.

“Sounds like a sad case of anti-Texas in Texas,” Nugent wrote.

“Everyone knows ol’ Uncle Ted is the ultimate Independence Day rockout with the ultimate all-American, soul music, rockin’ soundtrack of defiance, liberty and freedom. We shall carry on. We are the good guys. Clueless, dishonest people like the mayor are the bad guys.”

So not only is Ted Nugent too Black, but he is too perfect a personification of Texas itself.
                                      Can Sarah sense Ted's blackness?

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