I'm away this weekend, so the gremlins are again providing the puzzle for tonight.

Sorry that I won't be able to take part in tonight's puzzle-solving party. But I'll be back for next weekend's diary, when the gremlins have promised to provide something special.

Have fun! Tonight's puzzle is waiting right below...

Here, courtesy of the gremlins, are the clues for tonight's puzzle.

NOTE: anyone unfamiliar with JulieCrostics and how they work can find complete instructions at the bottom of last night's warm-up diary.

 1. curiosity may be
 2. kind of path
 3. like a fish
 4. questioned
 5. parker
 6. land-bound people
 7. finishing strokes
 8. more particular
 9. chocolate candy
10. Fagin's criminal associate
11. these are coiled and can be crafty
12. relatively free?
13. burn
14. often comes after funeral
15. lucky followers
16. put cream cheese on a bagel
17. Publius Ovidius Naso, somewhat confused
18. having no legal force
NOTE: As usual when dealing with gremlins it's probably wise:

     (a) not to trust the clue capitalization (the gremlins like to capitalize words that don't need it and leave out capitalization on words that do);  

     (b)  not to trust the clue punctuation (the gremlins like to leave out punctuation which should be there and insert punctuation which shouldn't);

     (c) not to trust the word spacing (the gremlins like to leave out the occasional space between words which should be there and insert the occasional space which shouldn't); and

     (d) not to trust the clue grouping (the gremlins like to bundle the clues in tidy little bunches of three, regardless of how many clues there actually are in the rows).

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