I am looking for fifty Kossacks that can commit to reporting on election activites in your state until election day.

I'm looking for muckrackers, dirt diggers and ratfuckers. I want writers to focus on sabotaging the Republican meme of morality. It will not be difficult, they are all carpetbaggers, so fabrication will not be required and in fact is very strongly discouraged. We have no effective media so we need to do the job ourselves.

You will have the additional duties of finding Kossacks in each county of your state to do the same at that level. Those Kossacks will recruit Kossacks on the city and town level. If your state has more counties than you can handle then divide further so ideally each participant has fewer than a dozen helpers.

In a few days I'll have internet again so I can assist you better. Including posting journalism skills posts in order to teach you how to find that dirt.

This is the exact opposite of my recent plea to focus on the offense. But this is an essential component of political rhetoric that has mostly been ignored at the state and local level.

As to offense in the coming weeks I will propose actions that will turn the tide of prosperity.

12:40 PM PT: I'm reposting this until my lineup is filled. The recents will get mighty crowded soon if you don't click on comment and commit at one level or another.


12:59 PM PT: Uncle Sam Pup

Originally posted to State & Local ACTION Group on Sat Mar 29, 2014 at 11:49 AM PDT.

Also republished by moranbetterDemocrats, The Rebel Alliance, Pink Clubhouse, and The Fourth Estate.

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