Go to jail for life stealing VHS tapes.

But rape your own toddler and if you have money suddenly judges become concerned if you will "fare well" in prison.

There are men in Angola there for life because some racist sheriff has a free pass to perjure themselves in court. Or the DA wanted a raise.

But forbid the thought someone raised in utter comfort would have to sleep on an inch high matress rolled out on concrete or sheet metal. To eat beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 360 days a year. Or have lights that never go off. And windows too high to see out of.

Jurden also ordered Richards to "participate in a sex offenders" treatment program after his lawyer provided her with an evaluation from a clinic in Massachusetts. Her order stipulated that he undergo inpatient treatment followed by outpatient treatment. The judge also ordered him to have no contact with children under 16 and prohibited him from possessing pornography.

Jurden's order also included other mitigating circumstances considered before sentencing, citing his "strong family support" and "significant treatment needs which must be met." The order noted, "Treatment needs exceed need for punishment," which the SENTAC manual lists as a factor for judges to consider.

Attorneys said a treatment sentence is more common for first-time drug offenders, drunk drivers and the mentally ill, but is not unheard of for sex offenders. "It's not completely out of left field that a judge would say that," Grubb said.

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