Recently I've been reading some worrisome documents both here and on other websites such as alternet and salon and even purely business related sites that (at least as far as I can determine) are apolitical and are purely interested in relaying financial advice and news.

And honestly some of them has me worried because a large volume of news as of late has in essence stated that another economic crash is all but inevitable or at the very least incredibly likely.

One such article even posted some worrisome details that our current growth is suspiciously and terrifyingly too similar for comfort to what our nation's economic growth was just prior to the great depression.

And I'm not saying it is gonna happen. It could all just be fear mongering, or it could just be a overreaction or any number of innocuous things that are being overblown.
I honestly don't know and I'm not claiming I do either way.

That's not the point of why I wrote this, why I did is because, honestly I'm curious as to what would the general reaction be if such a thing were to occur?

What do you all think?

I have my own thoughts but I'm seriously more curious to what some of you think would happen. Like both in our own country and globally as well as the effects political and economic and all that.


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