Dear Democrats in Tucson Arizona,

I sympathize.  

I understand many of my Democratic friends feel Tucson was subjected to “spoiled” University of Arizona students “run-amok” after a basketball loss during Elite Eight/March Madness last night, and that “tough love” was the prudent response.

Unfortunately, Tucson’s economy depends on many things including out-of-state students spending their parent’s money on Tucson’s goods and services.  Many of these students are from BLUE states because BLUE states have more money per capita than RED states.  

It is conceivable that when these students arrive in Arizona, they have no concept of how RED and militarized our "democratic political activists" have allowed this state to become by keeping quiet while less powerful segments of our community are bullied (and worse.)

Many U of A students actually take their education seriously, spending countless hours per week studying as dictated by professors.  Yet, they do enjoy their bread and circus when they can grab a moment.  That is human nature.  And their parents expect that they will be safe.  Our economy depends that these students can spend their parents’ money safe from harm.

My question is this: Can the Tucson economy and the University of Arizona afford the reputation of militarized police assaulting out-of-state students?

In Tucson, money talks.  So, Tucson: wake up.  If money talks, why are you biting the hands of the offspring who feed you?  (Is it that hard to tell a rich student from a poor student?  What a conundrum!)

Just saying.  If you’re going to be ELITE DEMS compromising with AZ TEA BAGGERS everyday (Hello: TUCSON is supposed to be blue lol) stick to your usual voiceless victims (public education, DREAMERS and their immigrant parents, M.A.S., the helpless environment): you really shouldn’t pick on the rich kids of REAL DEMOCRATS from BLUE STATES.  Especially after they’ve been assaulted.

If these students had been in Wisconsin, celebrating the win last night, no police would have removed them from the streets because the Wisconsin police aren’t trained to treat students the way Arizona police have been trained to treat “brown people.”  If you want evidence of the difference, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/...

Rich Democrats who do not live in AZ: beware.  Educate your college student about martial law before sending him/her here.  I guess you could call it miscommunication.  But if I was a democrat with a lot of money and I found out my child was slammed to the ground  in Tucson for standing, non-violently, in the street, I might call it a lawsuit.

Originally posted to Debbie of Phx on Sun Mar 30, 2014 at 10:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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