I rarely write "green" diaries it is not because i do not consider global warning to be the greatest challenge we have ever faced, I do, but for all my life I have been saying the same bloody thing "Act now, for fucks sake act". What have we got so far, more of the same political cowardice and the treating of belief as some sort of data set.

Stop it, just fucking stop it and act.

The head of the United Nations climate panel said he hoped its report on the rising threat of climate change would “jolt people into action”.

The report, released on Monday, is a 2,600-page catalogue of the risks to life and livelihood from climate change – now and in the future.

Rajendra Pachauri, who has headed the IPCC for 12 years, said he hoped it would push government leaders to deal with climate change before it is too late.

“I hope these facts will - for want of a better word - jolt people into action,” he said.

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, took a similar line.

How many times have we heard politicians say we must act?

Then we get, but, but the economy, but gosh chickens are crossing the road, heaven forbid we upset the right, heaven forbid we fucking do something.

This is why I rarely talk about global warming and climate change I just get too damn angry and having to say the same thing over and fucking over.

So now we found out the process is going faster than we ever imagined?

We will see a joint pearl clutching moment perhaps, but any real action?

Give me a fucking break.

Stupid, stupid, stupid; Jesus how can we continue to be so fucking idiotic.

I'll stop here before I get really angry.

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