So, in the wake of the Supreme Court's McCutcheon v. FEC decision, we now have one more decision in favor of "individual liberty," if you understand purchasing Congress to be an "individual liberty" that the Founders intended.

But... well, let's just say that the days of setting this sort of precedent are numbered.

It was another 5-4 decision.  Like every garbage right-wing Supreme Court decision, the four Democratic-appointed justices (Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan) dissented.

While the Koch brothers and their minions all over the country cheer the continued rightward push of the Supreme Court, the consistent 5-4 majorities in that rightward push should let them know just how much of this push hangs by a string.  One retirement, or death, among the SCOTUS right-wing majority, either before 2016 or unless the Republicans figure out a way to start winning Presidential elections again, and your right-wing majority is doomed.

As I write this, Justice Antonin Scalia is 78 years old.  Justice Anthony Kennedy will turn 78 this year.  Do you think they're going to be on the Supreme Court forever?

More importantly, do you think that President Obama -- or President Hillary Clinton -- will appoint anyone remotely like them to the Supreme Court?

(Yes, I understand that Justice Ginsburg is 81 and Justice Breyer is 75 -- but again, unless Republicans start figuring out how to win Presidential elections again, their retirements or deaths wouldn't change the balance on SCOTUS.)

So, Koch brothers -- enjoy your freedom to buy elections while it lasts.  Because it will last as long as Scalia and/or Kennedy.  As soon as that majority flips, well, Citizens United is getting overturned.  So is McCutcheon.

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