The past few weeks, Jon Hoadley’s campaign has been picking up more and more momentum. Also, we have picked up some huge endorsements in the last few weeks with fundraising going well, too.

We received endorsements from the Michigan Nurses Association, LaunchProgress, and the national group Democracy for America. All of this support shows what an important race this is, not just for Michigan but on the national level.

Support from groups like the Michigan Nurses Association is extremely important. Nurses are the frontline of healthcare in Michigan, and our nurses need the support of publicly elected officials, which they will receive from Jon. These nurses work hard to keep our fellow community members safe and healthy, so it is extremely important that we support them.

The endorsement from LaunchProgress is just another sign of the continuous momentum coming out of our campaign. LaunchProgress is a group dedicated to helping progressive, first-time candidates be elected in state and local elections. The Washington Post did a piece about LaunchProgress and the candidates they endorsed in Michigan.

The campaign has also been picking up attention locally for our community service work. Last Sunday, a group of volunteers, including myself and Jon, sat down and called local community members to remind them about the Affordable Care Act deadline earlier this week. In only a few hours, we reached out to over 500 community members remind them to get covered, or to remind their friends and family.  We even got coverage in our local media.

Another project we have been working on throughout the last month is a website called FixMIPotholes.com. This website allows users to submit pictures of potholes, and sign an online petition to Governor Snyder to fund our roads. The petition picked up hundreds of signatures, and was a success seeing as Governor Snyder signed a bill which gave 100 million dollars to fund fixing Michigans Potholes.  The one-time funding won’t solve the long-term problems related to infrastructure in Michigan, but it shows that when we organize, we can win.

Jon continually shows that he has the will and means to push forward progressive issues in Lansing. As a campaign, we need all the support we can get, so be sure to like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @jonhoadley and check out our website. Make sure to pledge your support online too so we know you’re with us.

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