Breaking -- via The Borowitz Report in the New Yorker.

In announcing the subpoenas, Rep. Issa indicated that his committee could begin grilling the seven million Obamacare enrollees as early as next week. “If my suspicions are correct, this could be bigger than Benghazi,” he said.
I would disagree with Borowitz on that one point -- Nothing has been or ever will be as big as Benghaz!!!!!

But I, for one, am glad that Issa has followed the lead of Sen. Barasso, Lindsay Graham and others who are going to blow the lid off the "ACA 7 million conspiracy."  I look forward to this Sunday morning, when Issa will detail to David Gregory the order of his inquiry:  Federal Exchange States first, then state exchanges, then Navigators, then Charles Gaba.

Dem. co-chair Elijah Cummings was laughing too hysterically to comment.

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