I admit that I'm a bit of a snob sometimes.  When my friends asked me if I watch reality tv, I answered that yes, I watch baseball, football, basketball and hockey.  I've never seen Survivor.  I don't care about the "Real Housewives" in whatever city they are filming now.  I once joked about taking a class called "Acting for Reality TV" until I was told that there really is such a thing.

I have watched "The Dog Whisperer" on occasion and Animal Cops shows.  I have a Pit bull that was allegedly rescued when the police broke up a dog fighting ring.  Molly is very sweet.

The shows that really bother me are the ones looking for bigfoot.  How many seasons can they run before they have to admit that it doesn't exist?  How can people be called experts?  I hate when they hear a sound in the dark and go, "That's definitely a squatch."

There is, however, one reality show I would like to see.  It doesn't currently exist on any channel I have surfed.  I would like to call this new reality show "The News."

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