If the Koch Brothers are going to use their fortune to sponsor a private Coup Against Americaâ„¢, then let's use our collective power of collectivism to fight back. Strategy below the fold.

As of tomorrow, I am going to be pouring a great deal of creativity and energy into making sure the average person in my community knows who the Koch Brothers are. I am going to implement micro-strategies to brand their name, the way that they brand everyone who disagrees with them as Benghazi collectivist Acorn radicals.

No, I'm not going to use TV because I can't afford it. I'm going to use the very powerful platforms that are available to me. And they will work, because people listen to those who have earned their trust.

I am going to talk to my county commissioners, mayor and city council and ask them to pass resolutions requesting businesses in their jurisdictions to stop carrying Dixie, Brawny and other Koch brands. I am going to explain that the Koch brothers are using their money to change the law so that they can frack without regulation or public input in our pristine and beautiful county, ruining our water supply and our farms.

I am going to go door-to-door if I have to, speaking to women, letting them know that the Koch Brothers, who sponsored the creepy Uncle Sam ad, are now trying to tell their doctors what kind of advice they can give, and are trying to take from them all control over their own bodies. And by the way, these are the products they sell.

I am going talk to every doctor and nurse in my community and ask for their assistance.

I'm going to explain to people in my Hispanic and Native American community that the Koch Brothers inherited their money from a prominent member of the John Birch Society, and that they want to reinstitute slavery and inequality by eliminating all worker rights and returning wages to 18th century levels. I'm going to explain that Americans For Prosperity supports efforts to restrict our ability to vote.

Oh yeah, and when we hold candidate forums, I'm going to make sure I ask a question about the Koch Brothers. "Do you support the right of the Koch Brothers to pour unlimited money in local elections so they can frack our water supply and deny women birth control while denying us all the right to vote?" Maybe I'll even hold up a picture.

I think I'll write some editorials to local papers letting them know why I am requesting my resolutions.

Next time I go to a meeting of our local Chamber of Commerce, I'm going to stand up and express my concern about the Koch Brothers attempt to buy our community by buying our elections. I'm going to enlist the support of the director in my effort.

I'm going to talk to every candidate for Governor in my state and tell them about my concerns, preferably in a public forum.

And I'm going to post about my actions and activity on Facebook.

Every one of us "collectivists" has our circle of influence. The people within our circle trust and listen to us before they pay attention to paid ads. We enrolled 7 million people in insurance through word of mouth and community action. We can take back our democracy the same way.

Right now Harry Reid is the only one talking. Imagine what will happen if 7.1 million people repeat his message.

You can't buy Democracy!

Originally posted to TheFatLadySings on Fri Apr 04, 2014 at 05:31 AM PDT.

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