From yesterday's Wall Street Journal, the Daily Kos flag guy makes an appearance as ... artwork for a Charles Koch op-ed:

Koch editorial at the Wall Street Journal, illustrated by Daily Kos flag guy clip art

Don't worry, the version of the logo they chose is publicly available stock artwork, so nobody's getting ripped off here. But it was a hilariously ironic image choice to include with such an absurd op-ed.

And now it looks like the Kochs are determined to spread their accidental joke as far and wide as possible:

Employees of one Koch Industries subsidiary found a copy of Charles Koch's defense of his "vision" for America in their inboxes Thursday morning, along with a message encouraging them to share the op-ed with anyone who "might benefit from hearing the truth" about the billionaire Koch brothers.

TPM obtained an email sent on behalf of Dave Robertson, Koch Industries' president and chief operating officer, addressed to all employees of Invista, a chemical company owned by the corporation, that contained the full text of Koch's op-ed and a link to the piece in the Wall Street Journal.

"Following is an op-ed by Charles Koch that is published in today's Wall Street Journal," the email read. "In it, Charles emphasizes the importance of a free society and responds to many of the outrageous attacks that have been made by some politicians and their media allies."

"Please feel free to share this with whomever you think might benefit from hearing the truth about our company, our culture and the Koch family," the email continued.

Well, I can't think of a better way to celebrate freedom, because nothing says freedom quite like having the guy who signs your paychecks tell you that you should feel "free" to share the political views of the guy who signs his paychecks because they are "the truth."

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