First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have commented with suggestions, supports of love, and for just caring about some one you have never met.  It means a lot to us and the help is so useful

Rubi had her second dose of lomustine on Monday after a blood test showed she is well within normal ranges on all body function indicators.  The prednisone is down to 1/2 a pill a day, soon to be finished.  i hope that means she is not so hungry all the time, but we have gotten a schedule down and she is happy getting her treats throughout the day.  She shows no sign of illness, she is considered to be in remission. Her energy level is good, she eats well and she has also gained back 6 of the 10 or so lbs she lost.  So far, so good.

On Wednesday, I had to go to her vets office to pick up some meds.  I decided to take her with me even though she did not need to go.  The last two times we were there, I noticed that she trembled like a leaf in the wind, afraid.  She wagged her tail and gave kisses, but she stayed very close to me and just shook.  I tried to calm her but it didn't help much.  So I decided we needed a "All treats, no treatment day".  I took bites sized pieces of her treats and gave them to the tech who takes Rubi back for her treatments.  He took her like usual but instead of poking, prodding or piercing, all the employees petted, praised, and pampered her with love and treats. I could hear the techs call her name and then laugh; i knew she was giving those long tongued kisses. When Jake brought her back to me, she was prancing and happy.  The employees came by me and told me what a great experience it was to just make her happy; it made them happy too.  It was the best vet visit ever.

I have a new book about dog cancer.  It has a lot of good info and the diet specified is almost exactly what I have been feeding her for years, due to her allergies.  Its nice to know I was doing something right.  Perhaps it is one reason she seems to be doing so well, although in reality, these are early days.  Darker days lay ahead in all likelihood.  That being said, we are going forward together and have high hopes.

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