Many of you know me. For those who don't, I'm disabled comic book creator Larime Taylor, and my disabled wife Sylv and I need to relocate to be closer to family to help with our care. We currently live in the inland desert of California and we're trying to move to Las Vegas where my family lives. We've been living below the poverty line for 14 years now, and while my recently published comic book series is helping a bit, it's an indie book and sales are low.

Cost of living in Vegas is MUCH cheaper, we'd have immediate family there to help us out with our daily needs, and as a caricature artist I'd have lots of new opportunities in a city full of events and conventions. We just need help getting there. I'm asking for your help in changing our lives and our future.

For more details and a breakdown of what the money will go to, as well as to donate if you can, the fundraiser is here.

Many of you might notice we haven't needed help in a good while. Things ARE getting better. This move is the last piece of the puzzle for us, and any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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