oh, and one other thing - it's in Detroit!

Please look below the mango marshmallow for all the exciting details!

                                                  ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

That's right, NYC Kossacks - we're going to Netroots Nation 2014, and I hope you'll be joining us there!

First, a little bit about the convention: I've been to all of them, except the first one, and I keep coming back. It is the biggest, most exciting, most informative, warmest, and friendliest gathering of progressives you will ever attend. I've gotten to see talks by two presidents, seven presidential candidates, and more senators and congresscritters than I can count, many of those latter two categories in very approachable settings. Then there are those authors, broadcasters and activists whose work you admire - they'll be there, too. And they want to talk with you.

Not to mention the other Kossacks! You already know these people, and you like them (well, meta notwithstanding!). You want to hang out with them, attend their panel discussions and training sessions, and of course, party with them! Seriously, meeting other Kossacks from all over the country is the ultimate in building an activist community, and you will make friendships you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

And here's where the NY angle comes in: we get our own table. That's right, because there will likely be a significant number of us NYers in attendance, (and I include the whole area, not just NYC), if I can get enough RSVPs from you folks, we will have a table at all the plenary sessions in a prime location, reserved just for the NY Kossack delegation. And if we get more than one table's worth, we can have a second table!

So please, answer the poll, and give me your username in the comments, so I can look forward to seeing you, and sharing a table with you, in Detroit!

                                                   ALL ARE WELCOME!!!


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