There is an overwhelming collection of art on line to enjoy at www.arteverywhereUS.org . Art can inspire us, define us, move us.  And now we even have a chance to choose which  reproductions of the country's greatest American art will be displayed coast to coast.

Think about it.

What art do you want your fellow citizens and others in the US to see?

The Art Everywhere US campaign is a public celebration of great American art exhibited on thousands of out of home (OOH) advertising displays across America. OOH advertising displays include billboards, bus shelters, subway posters, and much more.

Cherished American artworks will be seen by millions of people every day when they are commuting to work, taking the kids to school, hailing a taxi, shopping in a mall, catching a bus or pursuing other routine activities. The movement for art to be seen through outdoor displays is inspired by Art Everywhere founder, Richard Reed.

Five of American’s leading art museums have selected 100 works of art that represent American history and culture. We are asking the public to select which works they want to see across America.

I wish I could embed some of the wonderful work., but I'm not sure of the permissions.  I've already voted and chose Winslow Homer's The Cotton Pickers, Edward Hopper's The Nighthawks, Henry Inman's No-Tin, and seven others for today.  There are the famous portraits of Frederick Douglas and George Washington next to abstract art and a lot more.  You can see these great works easily and even vote when you go here.
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