Six months ago I wrote a diary that said “I have written a book, which is a factual take down of what the GOP has become. The objective is a plea for GOP voters capable of rational thought to consider the consequences of being the junior partner of what has become a fundamentalist movement”

I wrote this diary because I was seeking some help from the KOS community. I am thankful for the assistance that I received. Even though I always knew that I would need to do more research on Copy Write issues – I had had some fairly naive notions – which commenters were quick to point out. Also I received a private email from a community member who got me connected with a quite extraordinary copy editor.

So much has happened in the last six months and I should be in a position to publish in a couple months or sometime thereafter at my choosing. Only four people have read the book (three of them paid to do it, in order to get technical assistance such as legal vetting copyediting etc.) Described as  “ a much needed clarion call”  by one, and the Lawyer (a heavy hitter from the publishing world, who is on his own initiative trying to get it published)  was just stunned when my wife advised him that she had not read the book. All these four are very serious experts from the literary world and they strongly believe that this is a vital and original project.

The book is a Mathematical take down of the Stupidparty – and includes 1500 hyperlinks, 500 images and numerous cartoons (I commissioned two different artists for the book) and video links to add levity to deadly serious and rather depressing material. It has a pretty unique and interactive structure that means that it will be best read as an eBook. Also the color print version will be prohibitively expensive. I am not motivated by money. I am motivated to do my bit, my way, to try and impact the 2014 elections. That is why I am on the timetable I have set myself.

So now, while the book is being formatted for three different versions of the book, and before I start actually marketing the book – I am focusing on getting a few reviews from individuals with some literary credibility, Since this book is still a secret from my friends and contacts and is written under a pen name (most of my friends and business contacts are progressive, but not all) – I cannot network in the normal sense.

So this is my request to the KOS community – does anyone know anyone who knows anyone – who is progressively inclined (and 95%? of artistic types are) – who might be interested in reviewing my book – and can do it in a fairly timely manner.

My email address is dbeall@optonline.net

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