Fox News contributor and failed Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney on Tuesday defended her father by saying that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) “spine doesn’t seem to reach her brain” because she wasn’t proud of so-called enhanced interrogation used by the Bush administration.
I have always been enormously puzzled by Liz Cheney. She didn't seem right as a politician, as a possible member of Congress. Something was vaguely nagging me that Liz hadn't come out to her true calling, but I could never discern what her true calling might be.

Then the David Edwards article in Raw Story appeared, disclosing the content of Ms Cheney's recent appearance on Fox News.


I can easily visualize Liz in black leather straps only, branching an ugly whip and wielding heavy chains. She's a natural! It's in her blood!

Liz Cheney, natural born dominatrix with a lust for blood and pain in her heart, she even gnashes her teeth in the exact same way her daddy does. And, the long blond hair, ala Ann Coulter, another prime candidate as a dominatrix, male Republican hearts beating rapturously in response. They do love those blonde, loud-voiced women to beat them up.

Liz Cheney also responded to Sen. Angus King (I-ME), who over the weekend had offered to waterboard Dick Cheney “hundreds” of times to prove to him that the interrogation technique was torture.

“The decision was made, it was absolutely the right decision, and certainly I hope that future presidents would make the decision again that you’ve got to waterboard somebody ,” Liz Cheney said. “Because it means that you’re going to get information to save lives and prevent attacks.”

Shockingly, Senator King's remarks on Dick Cheney and waterboarding has forced me to take a look at my own inner dominatrix:
I find the visualization of Dick Cheney being waterboarded utterly ravishing.
This ugliness deep within my soul. I would pray my concerns except I'm an atheist and I can't see who to pray to. Maybe I should go out and hug a tree.
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