Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker signs the ceremonial bill, after the Republican-controlled House and Senate eliminated almost all collective bargaining for most public workers at the state Capitol in Madison Wisconsin March 11 2011.
I will just sign this bill into law that gives me a college degree—makes things easier than all that readin' n' riten, and that thing with numbers and cipherin'.
Twenty-five some odd years after Gov. Scott Walker left Marquette University, he has said that he would like to go back to college and finish his degree through one of the University of Wisconsin's online degree programs.

Huh, what do you know about that. Just a couple years prior to running for president he wants to complete his college degree. Amazing how that timing is working out. By most published accounts he has about a year to go to complete his degree (he claims a semester, but we all know he really isn't the most honest guy out there).

Walker's spokesperson stated:

(He) would like to finish his degree through the UW FlexOption once they expand the degree options.
I have looked at the degree offerings and I think there are a few that would suit Gov. Walker quite well.
  • American Studies
  • History
  • Political Science
Please read below the fold for more on Walker's long-term goals.

I recommend American Studies and History so he can learn about the First Amendment and about our nation's history—I would hope that he would learn what a reformer is and that he is not one. With a Political Science degree he could actually learn how to do his job, what checks and balances are, and how to best serve his constituents instead of his big money donors.

The first course he should take regardless of degree program is U778-104—Introduction to American Politics and Government. Sadly, I do believe the coursework would be too advanced for the governor.

As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin's online degree program I do I feel I am qualified to state this: Walker is going to run into some very serious challenges if he attempts to complete his degree online. The most major challenge is how will he find the time to study with all his out-of-state fundraising? It also may be a little uncomfortable when he has to learn about the First Amendment and the professor uses the governor's administration as an example of how the right to free speech can be violated. Of course we do have his out: He has already said he is waiting for the right degree program without naming a specific program. I am willing to bet the degree program he is looking for is one the University of Wisconsin will never offer—although who knows, maybe they will offer a program that will cover union busting, corruption, voter suppression, ruining a once vibrant economy, and destroying a state's progressive traditions. I doubt it, but, hey, anything is possible.

Walker also says that going back to school part-time is hard. If he thinks part-time is hard, he shouldn't try it the way I did. I worked a full-time job, was a single father, went to school full-time, and managed to earn a bachelor's and master's degree. Hopefully the governor will have plenty of free time on his hands after the next election so he can knock that degree out.

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